Parade of Homes 2014

Every year the Builders Association of LaPorte County presents a Parade of  homes for the viewing public.  THIS YEAR’S PARADE WILL FEATURE NEW CONSTRUCTION HOMES, REMODELS, AND SPECIALTY PROJECTS INCLUDING LANDSCAPING AND EXTERIOR REMODELING.      The Parades attendees will be able to tour homes in various locations, price ranges, and designs, It is also a chance to meet the builders in person and examine the quality of their workmanship. 

Whether buyers plan to begin building immediately, or hope to build in the distant future, are planning to Remodel their home or plan any home improvement, the Parade provides a great way to gather first hand information.  


Call the Builders Assn office 219-326-0624 if you are thinking of BUILDING a home, REMODELING a home, SELLING a newer construction home or have a SPECIALTY CONTRUCTION PROJECT such as a pole barn, landscape project, Exterior remodel. etc. and you  would like to take advantages of Parade Discounts and Advertising by being part of our Fall 2014 Parade.


















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