Builder’s Association of LaPorte County (B.A.L.C.)





Builder’s Association of La Porte County! 


The voice for the housing industry in LaPorte County, the
Builders Association of LaPorte County (BALC), is a non-
profit organization made up of professionals in the building
industry and its related fields. They are dedicated to the
quality of the product and the satisfaction of the consumers.
For the building industry, our website provides information
on member benefits, committees, calendar and events, and
an introduction to our officers, staff and members.
For the consumer, our website provides a full member
directory to aid you in locating a professional. It also
supplies advice for choosing a builder or remodeler and
buying a new home.

“Building America in LaPorte County”

Since 1968



Mission Statement


 The Builders Association of LaPorte County is a not for profit association of builders and associated industry professionals dedicated to promoting the American Dream of home ownership.  The association is dedicated to promoting, enhancing and supporting the home building industry by providing professional development resources, community involvement and philanthropic projects, promoting and supporting active involvement in the political and legislative process, and providing resource information and support for members and the community of LaPorte County.

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Sponsoring members:


6 Responses to Builder’s Association of LaPorte County (B.A.L.C.)

  1. Candace Franklin says:

    I will like too order one of I Q A B S so please let me know what to do

  2. Hey, your site is very awesome, I came across while in search for products info on msn and it has very related information on it. Will be sure to come back again and bookmark. Keep up good work

  3. Snoman54 says:

    A Big Thank You, to all of the Builders and Developers who put there places in the Parade of Homes & Subdivisions this year. The Parade was Great. Hope to see you next Year!!!!!


  4. I absolutely appreciate all the tough work that you have
    put into keeping this site here for all of us. I hope this remains for a really long while.

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